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For Schools:

CliMathNet has developed a set of teaching resources under the name mathMETics

MathMETics allows pupils to gain an insight into how mathematics is applied to understand the climate and predict the weather.  Pupils can have a go at collecting weather data and running a climate model for themselves and think about how the information can be used.  The mathMETics website provides resources developed by a team of mathematicians at the Universities of Exeter and Bath in collaboration with the Met Office. The resources explain how to collect and record data, how to verify collected data against Met Office forecasts and gives an insight into the use of mathematics and statistics in weather and climate forecasting.

The lesson plans are designed to be run over one week (for example over the National Science and Engineering week 2014). The resources aimed to provide three lessons for mathematics students in years 9 and 12, and resources include background information for teachers (to support data collection and interpretation) along with a number of worksheets and solutions for teachers.


Other material and information that may be useful for schools is listed below:


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