CliMathNet Conference 2013

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1st – 5th July, University of Exeter

Mathematics and statistics lie at the heart of our ability to model and predict climate variations.  This was the first conference of CliMathNet, an EPSRC-funded network that aims to break down barriers between researchers in Mathematics, Statistics and Climate Sciences.

See the current Schedule, and abstracts for Plenary, Contributed and Poster sessions.

The plenary speakers were:

  • Nigel Wood (Met Office)
  • Mat Collins (Exeter)
  • Henk Dijkstra (Utrecht)
  • Peter Dueben (Oxford)
  • Peter Guttorp (Washington)
  • Michael Goldstein (Durham)
  • Peter Haynes (Cambridge)
  • David Hendry (Oxford)
  • Chris Jones (Chapel Hill)
  • Erland Källén (ECMWF)
  • Lindsay Lee (Leeds)
  • Tim Lenton (Exeter)
  • Valerio Lucarini (Hamburg)
  • Beatrice Pelloni (Reading)
  • Chiara Piccolo (Met Office)

Topics included:

  • Quantifying uncertainty of climate models
  • Comprehensive climate risk analysis
  • Forecasting climate tipping points
  • Improving projections of extreme events
  • Engaging with policy



This Conference was sponsored by the Met Office.