Extreme UK Weather Session

The Thursday afternoon Conference session was dedicated to extreme weather in the UK, the meteorology that is driving the weather and policy implications resulting from the impacts of this weather.


The speakers were:

  • David Walshaw (Lecturer in Statistics, University of Newcastle) - The Statistics of Extreme Events
  • Douglas Maraun (Head of Statistical Modelling and Weather Extremes, Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel) - Trends in extreme UK precipitation
  • Mark Whitling (joint Environment Agency/ DEFRA Flooding and Communities Research Programme) - Flood risk modelling and mapping within the Environment Agency: what, why and how
  • Ben Gouldby (Technical Director, HE Wallingford) - Coastal aspects of the national flood assessment
  • Wandi Bruine de Bruin (Co-director of the Centre for Decision Research, University of Leeds Business School) - Developing effective communication about extreme weather (Presentation)
  • Virginia Murray (Consultant in Global Disaster Risk Reduction, Public Health England) - Public Health England and extreme events and climate change