Who we are

Members of CliMathNet are mostly researchers working on problems relevant to the future of Climate Science. In addition to the these members, we have a number of project partners whose business means they have a high stake in the success of the project.


We have over 200 members in the network representing over 25 UK universities, research institutes and several policy organisations. We encourage interested non-UK scientists to sign up as associate members. If you are interested in joining, you can use the Membership Registration Form‌.

Project partners

Our project partners consist of UK Government-funded and research institutes, and international scientific networks on related areas. If you think you would be interested to become a project partner, please contact on the the management committee.

Management of CliMathNet

This project is led by Prof Peter Ashwin at the University of Exeter and Prof Chris Budd at the University of Bath. Other members of the Management Committee are Prof Peter Cox, Prof Peter Challenor and Dr Sebastian Wieczorek. Our scientific advisory board consists of representatives from our Project Partners.

Our Sponsor

We are supported by a research grant from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. as part of the cross-council Living with Environmental Change programme.