How to get involved

Our network membership includes academic staff, researchers, PhD students, policymakers, and those working in industry, who are interested in contributing to the aims of this network.  Our membership is an international network group.

The network is managed through the jiscmail newsletter service.  You may request to become a member and receive the regular newsletter by visiting the jiscmail subscription website.  You can amend your jiscmail subscription at any time directly as required.  



  • May contribute to discussions or advertise relevant events via jiscmail newsletter service*
  • Will receive email information about the network news, events and opportunities via jscmail
  • May propose related events but need to obtain written permission from the management committee of CliMathNet in order to badge an event as “CliMathNet”
  • Are asked to mention CliMathNet or ReCoVER (as appopriate) and to tell us where the network has contributed to your research, for example by providing opportunities or information that has helped you to consider new/frame current and/or solve research questions
  • Are encouraged to highlight to the general public and non-specialists, the importance of Mathematics and Statistics in our understanding, prediction and modelling of the climate and its impacts on society and the economy, which is one of the aims of CliMathNet.Please note that we do not attempt to provide climate predictions, advice or policy statements as such, but we will try and put you in contact with the most appropriate network members if this is what you are interested in.

*If members wish to contribute to the newsletter please send your news item to Your news item will first go through a process of moderation. If deemed of interest and suitable for the wider CliMathNet community it will then be shared.